About Beverley Mantovani

Beverley was born in South Africa and commenced her dance training at a very early age.  For 12 years and more she studied Royal Academy (ballet), Modern Dance and finally Spanish Dance Society Syllabus, earning the highest marks in her examinations, honing her skills in all of these dance forms, and graduating from High School at the National School of Arts   She also managed to fit in a short trip to Spain to further her knowledge of Spanish and Flamenco dance, which by then had become her passion.   

 In 1976 Beverley was invited to join the Luisa Cortes Spanish Dance Theatre as a principal dancer.   She was awarded the Mercedes Molina Bursary after which she joined the Mercedes Molina Dance Company and performed professionally throughout South Africa and abroad.  In 1983 and 1985 Beverley performed in television productions of Blood Wedding, Don Juan, Artes Awards and Misa Flamenco on South African television.

From 1981, after receiving Instructor de Balle & Profesor de Balle teaching diplomas and recognised as a highly qualified teacher, Beverley opened her own School of Dance.  She taught and performed with her students for some 20 years, in RAD (ballet), SADTA (Modern) and Spanish Dance syllabus.   In 1991 she started her own professional company – Los Gitanos – and for a further 10 years performed herself and choreographed works for the company. 

Fortunately for us, in 2001 Beverley and her family decided to come to Canada and it was here in Delta, BC, that she again began to teach and opened up her own Spanish Dance School.  This has proved to be a successful venture.  With her students she has been able to perform  several times on Delta Cablevision, as well as at local Festivals and has given two concerts in Tsawwassen and Ladner, with a third concert planned for this year.  In 2004 and 2005 Beverley’s students took part in Spanish Dance Syllabus Examinations and were 100% successful.  The exams (the very  first held in Canada) were conducted by international examiners Luisa Cortes and Dame Mavis Becker and a third examination entry is planned for later in 2006.

We look forward to continued successful and exciting times ahead with Beverley at the helm of Los Gitanos.

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